Add an eBay Storefront to Your WordPress Blog in Seconds…

With the WP My eBay Script (WPMeS) WordPress Plugin – you can choose any of the many eBay Categories you want to promote on your blog. Don’t want to list items by category – no problem, just type in your eBay search criteria and your done. Wait till you see the amazing Import Wizard. In less than 10 seconds you can import the menus shown from any eBay page right into your blog.

Tired of the older eBay scripts like Build a Niche Store (BANS) and PhpBay Pro which can’t seem to give you the flexibility and desired click thrus? WPMeS is what you are looking for – flexible, customizable and easy to create a fully populated eBay store front on your WordPress blog in seconds. Easily turn your entire WordPress Blog into an eBay Storefront or supplement your existing blog by providing your readers with specific eBay products to buy – great for any Niche.

With WPMeS you can increase your blogs social visibility – WPMeS can post eBay products to your Twitter and Facebook Page automatically if someone finds your WPMeS page via a search engine.


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WP My eBay Script (WPMeS) is a WordPress PHP script plugin that populates a blog page with current up to date eBay items ‘on the fly’ using RSS feeds from eBay. With WPMeS you are able to engage your visitors in conversations about the products they found on your site. Search engines are starting to rank higher websites that provide greater user experience vs just a bunch of content. Higher search rankings means more visitors which means more revenue. eBay WordPress PluginIn order for you to start earning a commission as an eBay Affiliate you must first join the eBay Partner Network affiliate program. This is free but you must first have a working website in order for eBay to consider your application. Building a WordPress site is simple and allows you to quickly add content thus making your site more appealing to eBay during the site review process.WPMeS can be configured to use the WordPress Cron feature that will update your sites rss feed and the sitemap with the most recent eBay products that you have selected for your site. This feature keeps fresh data for your blog feeds and allows the search engines to see your new content daily.

WPMeS Features

  • WordPress comments for each individual ebay page
  • Adjust ebay results page layout colors dynamically
  • Create dynamic URLs to perform and produce eBay results page
  • Updates your twitter page when visitors find your page from a search engine search
  • eBay products are added to your wordpress rss2 and atom feeds based on your menus
  • Built-in referer log reporting system
  • Download Keywords used to find your site
  • WordPress widget to display your ebay products menu
  • WordPress widget to search your ebay store
  • Auto sitemap
  • Built-in cron functionality to rebuild WPMeS rss and sitemap feeds
  • eBay feed import wizard to populate your store from eBay
  • Auto commenting system to help keep your blog alive and active
  • Automatically add Google +1 button to results page
  • Automatically add Facebook Like button to results page
  • Automatically post to your Twitter account when someone visits your site by doing a search
  • Supports all of eBay Partner Network Countries (15 last count)
  • Choose results display format, row or column
  • Click tracking reports
  • List resulting items by minimum or maximum Bid Count
  • and more …

Go to ‘Pages‘ in WordPress and create a page to use for wpMeS. Look at the Permalink for this new page. This will be the base URL for your wpMeS menu links.

Go to the wpMeS Site Configuration menu

  • Click the Store Site Settings menu
  • Put in your WP MeS Key from when you purchased the program.
  • Select the WordPress page you created for wpMeS from the Store Display Page dropdown box.
  • Click the eBay Partner Network Settings menu
  • Enter your EPN Campaign ID
  • Enter a Custom ID ie
  • Select the country your eBay results are to come from
  • Check the Use CacheBuster Image box.
  • Click the Update Changes button

Now go to eBay and do a search for the products you would like to have on your site. For example if your blog is based on collectible dolls, type in dolls on the eBay search box. Copy the contents from your browsers address bar.

Go to the wpMeS Menu Configuration menu then click on the Feed Import Wizard.

  • Paste in the contents you copied from eBay by doing a right click copy in the input box.
  • Click the Submit button
  • Now select which menus you want. I normally do not select Condition, Seller, Buying formats, Location or any other non specific item menu. You can deselect a group by clicking the check box with the colored background.
  • Now click the Import button
  • Review the screen to see if your import was successful.

Go to the wpMeS Menu Box Settings menu.

  • Enable the imported menus or disable as you please.

Go to ‘Widgets‘ then add the “WPMeS Sidebar Menu” to your themes sidebar area.

You now should have menus on your site.